Deeper Secrets, New Thriller

The cover of new clean thriller Deeper Secrets
The cover of Deeper Secrets

A string of terrorist bombings rocks America’s capital in my newest thriller, Deeper Secrets. Congressional aide Ben Wiles interrupts a murder in a grimy Washington alley. A mysterious, unstoppable computer virus upends the race for the White House, and the government unleashes an artificially intelligent surveillance technology in response to the chaos. But this system has power beyond anyone’s nightmares, and Wiles finds himself on the run from a nameless conspiracy whose players are always one step ahead. If he can’t find them and bring them down, the White House, the country, and the whole world will discover just how deep secrets can run.

The final novel of the Secrets Series, Deeper Secrets continues the adventures of Mike Vincent and Alyssa Chambers, while introducing new characters and a frightening new technology.


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