Win a Kindle!

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This contest ended at midnight, June 3, 2017. Subscribe to my emails to learn when the next contest is! Here’s your chance to win a free Kindle Paperwhite! My novel, The Prophet Conspiracy, used to be exclusive to Amazon Kindle. But I decided to launch it on Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, and Kobo […]

4 people in Deeper Secrets

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For long-time fans of the series, some of these might be a reunion, but for new readers, let’s take a look at the four main people caught up in the events of my new political thriller Deeper Secrets! Ben Wiles: A young Congressional aide bucking to advance. With an ambitious Congressman and a Chief of […]

Deeper Secrets: Cover Blurb

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A string of terrorist bombings rocks the nation’s capital. A young congressional aide interrupts a murder in a grimy Washington alley. A mysterious, unstoppable computer virus upends the race for the White House. The response: a powerful new computer system that reads everyone’s posts, emails, tweets, and more, then decides who’s a threat. But this technology has […]

Deeper Secrets: Free excerpt

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Deeper Secrets is my new novel, coming on Amazon, iBooks, Nook and more this month. In the following excerpt, we meet protagonist Ben Wiles as he accidentally interrupts a murder. ### He scanned the crowd for danger. In his mind, he rehearsed the techniques he might need: how to break a one-handed grab, how to […]

Book Review: The Forsaken Crown

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I have to give a caveat here and admit that I’m not quite finished with this book yet. But I’m enjoying it enough that I want to get a review out. The Forsaken Crown by Christina Ochs is really fun to read, does have a little bit of profanity but not that much, and (so […]

Deeper Secrets Cover

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Here’s the first proposal for a cover for Deeper Secrets. I am unable to tell for sure if it’s a good cover for the book. Would you please take a survey to help me? It’s just one question. Keep it, yes or no. —————Read this and other books reviewed on my site free when […]

Sons of Thunder On Sale Today!

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My young adult superhero novel Sons of Thunder is on sale today for only 99 cents on Kindle! Here’s a bit about the book: What if God gave ordinary people miraculous abilities? Connor Merritt risks his life to save the cashier in a convenience store robbery. He’s shot three times in the torso and once […]

Free Book: Back to Bienville by @M_P_Matthews

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I’ve read Back to Bienville, and I recommend it. It’s not a typical book for these pages — it’s a non-fiction memoir about a woman’s healing experience with God. But it is a moving testimony, and since it’s free today (April 22) and tomorrow (4/23) why not grab a copy? The Author, Melinda Matthews, is […]

Book Review: Betrayal by Tim Tigner

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The writer of fiction must dance a delicate ballet with realism every time he sets pen to page. The words must be different enough from the humdrum world in which we live to send the reader on a voyage of escapism. At the same time, they must be believable enough to make it easy for […]

Born With Secrets Free Today

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After Life of Secrets but before Deeper Secrets, there’s the political thriller Born with Secrets. And it’s free on Kindle today! Here’s a bit about the book: Professional thief Alyssa Chambers longs for a new, cleaner life. But when a mysterious woman disappears from the prison, the government offers Alyssa a deal she can’t refuse: freedom, […]