About the Author

Bowen_Greenwood_2014My name is Bowen Greenwood. I love to write. My first novel, Death of Secrets, became a #1 bestselling political thriller on Amazon.com. The sequels, Life of Secrets and Born with Secrets, are both available now, as is a boxed set of all of them. My newest novel came out in June. It’s called Fire and Thunder. It’s a Christian fantasy novel about heroes whose powers come from God. Those are the two genres in which I usually write: thrillers and fantasy.

One of the things I hope to achieve as a writer is to provide an alternative to the heavily sexual and profane entertainment culture that pervades America today. There’s no reason action heroes have to drop the F bomb every other line; no reason heroines have to fight in their underwear. So, when I began to feel like my writing was off to a healthy start, I started looking for more ways I could advance that cause. Thus, cleanthrillers.com.  I want to help readers who want a less-obscene reading experience find the authors who provide that, and vice versa.

I love Jesus. Not like a hobby, not like a religion, not like a study. Like a friend, like my father, like my brother. He’s a person, he’s alive, he’s here right now. Don’t study Jesus as a historical story. Know him as a guy who loves you right now.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t call the book reviews here explicitly Christian. I review books both Christian and not, with an eye toward the language and sexuality. It’s not about a religion; it’s about entertainment.

My hobbies: martial arts, marksmanship, motorcycles, and outdoor activities like backpacking, hunting, camping and sometimes fishing.

I like video games. I like Star Wars. I like gadgets. 

In my past I’ve been a political staffer and a reporter, I’ve lived in Washington D.C., I lurked around the edges of Presidential campaigns, I helped manage campaigns for U.S. Senate and House, and in general spent the first half of my career deep in the morass of realpolitik. Those days are mostly behind me now, but they gave me a lot of good material for thrillers.