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If you love spies vs. terrorists, FBI agents chasing serial killers, and all kinds of other suspenseful stories; but you wish you could find them without all the strong language and graphic sex scenes, this is the website for you. I write thrillers and also review suspense novels of all stripes -- thrillers, mysteries, even some science fiction and fantasy -- with an eye toward whether you'll have to avert your eyes half the time. Read on and enjoy.

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Back to Bienville by Melinda Matthews

Free Book: Back to Bienville by @M_P_Matthews

I’ve read Back to Bienville, and I recommend it. It’s not a typical book for these pages — it’s a non-fiction memoir about a woman’s healing experience with God. But it is a moving testimony, and since it’s free today (April 22) and tomorrow (4/23) why not grab a copy? The Author, Melinda Matthews, is […]

cover of Betrayal by Tim Tigner

Book Review: Betrayal by Tim Tigner

The writer of fiction must dance a delicate ballet with realism every time he sets pen to page. The words must be different enough from the humdrum world in which we live to send the reader on a voyage of escapism. At the same time, they must be believable enough to make it easy for […]

Born With Secrets Free Today

After Life of Secrets but before Deeper Secrets, there’s the political thriller Born with Secrets. And it’s free on Kindle today! Here’s a bit about the book: Professional thief Alyssa Chambers longs for a new, cleaner life. But when a mysterious woman disappears from the prison, the government offers Alyssa a deal she can’t refuse: freedom, […]

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