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FREE: Life of Secrets

Start with this free novel in the Secrets Series Alyssa Chambers is rich and privileged by birth, but a criminal by choice. She steals secrets from the powerful and influential, and sells them to whoever pays – and they pay very well. But when someone assassinates a Presidential candidate in an office Alyssa just robbed, […]

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Secrets Series: Christian political thriller

Secrets Series: Political Thrillers

Get the entire series of political thrillers that begins with a praying woman on the run and ends with a professional thief wondering whether God, miracles, and redemption are real. The end of privacy as we know it? Kathy Kelver nearly trips over a murder victim on her way back to her dorm room late […]

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Amazon gave me a nice ribbon this morning…

That’s a number one bestseller ribbon you see there! The Secrets Series boxed set is off to a great start!         Get it here!  

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You won’t believe how beautiful the Air Force Academy Chapel is!

While visiting Colorado Springs this past week, I went to see the Air Force Academy and took pictures of the chapel. I’ve never been in a church like it. Here are some pictures. I thought the beauty was just awe-inspiring. I also got a lot of writing done while I was down there! If you […]

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Five Miraculous Powers You’ll Find in Sons of Thunder

Sons of Thunder is a contemporary Christian fantasy about ordinary people with miraculous abilities. A group of young people discover these abilities in themselves and begin to use them as they come to understand that the powers are gifts from God. At the same time, an opposing group rejects that idea. Calling themselves The Legion, […]

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About the Author

My name is Bowen Greenwood. I write Christian political thrillers and a little bit of Christian contemporary fantasy.

I love to write. My first novel Death of Secrets became a #1 bestselling political thriller on The sequels, Life of Secrets and Born with Secrets, are both available now. The boxed set of all of them is coming soon.

I also write sci fi, fantasy, and some other stuff.

I love Jesus. Not like a hobby, not like a religion, not like a study. Like a friend, like my father, like my brother. He’s a person, he’s alive, he’s here right now. Don’t study Jesus as a historical story. Know him as a guy who loves you right now.

I also like guns. I’m a member of the Last Chance Handgunners Club.

I study Kenpo and Kajukenbo at Capital City Kenpo, and if you are anywhere near Helena, MT, you should too.

I love outdoor activities like backpacking, hunting, camping and sometimes fishing.

I like video games. I like Star Wars. I like video games about Star Wars. I like gadgets.

In my past I’ve been a political staffer and a reporter, I’ve lived in Washington D.C., and I took up writing for the chance to enjoy the things I love about politics while escaping the things that bring a person down.