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If you love spies vs. terrorists, FBI agents chasing serial killers, and all kinds of other suspenseful stories; but you wish you could find them without all the strong language and graphic sex scenes, this is the website for you. I write thrillers and also review suspense novels of all stripes -- thrillers, mysteries, even some science fiction and fantasy -- with an eye toward whether you'll have to avert your eyes half the time. Read on and enjoy.

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A Few Clean Suspense Books

Luana Ehrlich’s spy thriller One Night in Tehran is only $0.99! Here’s one from my to-read list:¬†The Collar and the Cavvarach (Krillonian Chronicles Book 1)


Book Review: Sub-Sahara by Ethan Arkwright

A freak storm in the Sahara desert puts an archaeological team in deadly danger. But when they escape, their discovery could change the world. Read Sub-Sahara today! Sub-Sahara is a tale of professional soldiers racing to claim a secret from the past that could change the world. The first nation — or other group — […]

garden to grave

Book Review: From Garden to Grave

Readers may remember my friend and fellow author Rickie Blair from her other books that I reviewed: the Ruby Danger Series. Well, Ms. Blair is back with a new series of mysteries, and it’s a delight for me to recommend them wholeheartedly. My Prime membership¬†and the Kindle Owners Lending library gave me access to the […]

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