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If you love spies vs. terrorists, FBI agents chasing serial killers, and all kinds of other suspenseful stories; but you wish you could find them without all the strong language and graphic sex scenes, this is the website for you. I write thrillers and also review suspense novels of all stripes -- thrillers, mysteries, even some science fiction and fantasy -- with an eye toward whether you'll have to avert your eyes half the time. Read on and enjoy.

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Check out the third Titus Ray book

Two years ago, Luana Ehrlich made a splash when she introduced her series of Christian spy novels. Beginning with One Night in Tehran, main character Titus Ray grapples with how to balance his recent conversion to Christianity with the violent demands of the life of a secret agent. I enjoyed it, and you can read my review […]

Book Review: The Crown and The Crucible

The Crown and the Crucible by Michael Phillips and Judith Pella is not my usual fare. I’m a reader of thrillers, sci fi, and fantasy, not historical romance. But I picked it up one day on a free promotion, and from the first page I got sucked in. The book reads at a much slower […]

Network of Secrets - 250x

Sneak Peek at Secrets 4

Derek Murphy, another indie author whose work I follow, is holding a writing contest. The prize is a two-week stay at a writers’ retreat in France, which I would like to attend. I figure it would be highly motivational to socialize with other indie writers in an environment likely to spur creativity. Plus, I could […]

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