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If you love spies vs. terrorists, FBI agents chasing serial killers, and all kinds of other suspenseful stories; but you wish you could find them without all the strong language and graphic sex scenes, this is the website for you. I write thrillers and also review suspense novels of all stripes -- thrillers, mysteries, even some science fiction and fantasy -- with an eye toward whether you'll have to avert your eyes half the time. Read on and enjoy.

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Clean thriller, free: The Prophet Conspiracy

Today, July 19th, grab a copy of my clean thriller The Prophet Conspiracy free on Kindle. About the Book Buried beneath the streets in the holy city of Jerusalem, American tourist Siobhan McLane discovers an ancient inscription hidden for a thousand years. But the past will not give up its secrets easily. Before translation can […]

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Clean thriller Death of Secrets free

Download my clean thriller Death of Secrets free on Amazon’s Kindle today. For one day only, grab┬áthe novel that addresses the end of privacy as we know it. A bit about the book Kathy Kelver nearly trips over a murder victim on her way back to her dorm room late one night. In his last […]

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Fire and Thunder Paperback

Fire and Thunder, my new Christian fantasy novel launched on June 18 to great results. It made it as high as #3 on Amazon’s list of religious science fiction and fantasy for Kindle. But I know not all of the readers out there are Kindle users. The paperback version of Fire and Thunder is live […]

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