Sample Chapter Coming April 28!

Life of Secrets is now to the point where I’m ready to release a sample chapter! Starting a week from tomorrow, I’ll make it available on At the same time, the listing for Death of Secrets will also change to include a sample chapter from Life of Secrets.

As for the full novel, although I’m a bit behind the schedule I set for myself, it will still be published on June 1. The timeline was built to allow for a few delays.

Currently, the manuscript is in what I call the “rough rough draft” format. The story is finished, and I’m cleaning up some of the errors that result from the way in which I work on books (several different files, writing the beginning, middle, and end in different documents, constant revision of what’s already written to accommodate new ideas — etc.).

My first choice for editor doesn’t have the time right now, so hopefully this week I’ll learn about my second prospect.

The book will be substantially shorter than Death of Secrets. Currently it’s 53,000 words, and I doubt it will grow much beyond 55,000. Death of Secrets was closer to 90,000. Hey, that’ll cut the cost of editing almost in half!

E-Reader News Today: Current Marketing Champ

I just paid my bill from E-reader News Today. Are you wondering how much it was? Of course you are! Answer: Under $10.

Their billing system is simple: they invoice you for 25% of what you earn on books sold by people clicking on the e-mail in which they featured your book. You math whizzes out there will have already grasped hold of the secret: you literally cannot lose with If you sign up for a paid promotion with them and only sell a single book, you will still profit because they only charge you 25% of what you make. On the other hand, if you sell more books, your profit is larger.

They billed me for 110 books sold. Personally, I credit that promotion with 150-ish books sold. Probably some of the sales that happened while my promotion with them was going on were due to how my book rose in the amazon rankings, rather than people clicking the specific e-mail link.

Either way, I made over $50 on book sales for those couple days, and paid less than $10 for the promotion that made that happen.

My fellow indie authors, I am proud to recommend you toward e-reader news today!

Incidentally, in addition to having the best pricing structure so far, I also had more paid sales while I was promoting with them than with any other marketing avenue I’ve tried so far, including the free promotion. So not only are they cheap, they’re also effective.

It should be pointed out here that the reigning conventional wisdom about indie authors is that is the best e-mail marketing promotion you can buy. So far, I have not succeeded in persuading bookbub to list Death of Secrets. I’ll report on them when I do!


For people who enjoyed Death of Secrets, it might raise questions that Life of Secrets is a sequel, but features a completely new main character.

Don’t worry!

Congressman Mike Vincent is back in a pivotal role, and Kathy returns as well. D.W. Tilman will pass across the scene in flashbacks to his younger days.

Vincent finds himself a key player on the Presidential campaign of a man who might finally give Americans a leader who’s humble and sincere. Since it’s part of the marketing blurb for the novel, it’s not giving anything away to say that candidate dies early on. The whole story hinges on choices Mike makes.